Saturday, 4 February 2012

Homage to Cher

- Cher of Clueless, not Cher of Sonny & Cher (incidentally she was the first person to show her belly button on live television - although this is a fun fact, it is also a wikipedia fact, and somehow a little hard to believe. I'm certain there's some satisfied 70 year old ex-hippy who smugly holds that particular milestone).

After watching Clueless for the sixteenth time, GC and I could proudly say that we got all of the grownup jokes, nicely disguised amongst the sugary soundtrack and knee-high socks. Apart from one or two American-specific references, we could safely say we were no longer Clueless. This triumph aside, we watched Cher & Dione flit from outfit to outfit with the same eagerness as we will no doubt watch the New York fashion week catwalks, making mental notes...minus the Dominos cookies.

Here is a breakdown of our most envied, Nineties Malibu, purple clogged, Dr Seussed 'Oh I wonder if they have that in my size' looks.

Maribu Pen VS Gothic crucifix.

A perfect look for weekends or at the office. After witnessing Cher's seduction techniques my 13 year old self was certain a maribu topped pen for my school pencil case would certainly be a most effective tool in getting 'that' boy's attention. Although I can't say any 13 year old boy would be (or was) completely bowled over by the chemistry brought by the fluffy pen, I may not rule it out as a work accessory. It could play an important part in meeting the (gay) boyfriend of your dreams.

Sportswear shmortswear.

Never underestimate the potential of sportswear. If ever there was a time to rock out your gold chained cell phone purse, it's at your all-girl tennis lesson. 

Friends are your best accessory.

Not sure I have ever co-ordinated my outfit with a friend unless for fancy dress. I must strive to do this one time.

Be dynamic with your Millinery.

I wore a beret for most of my sixteenth year, whilst gaining the nickname Toad (in relation to the Mario character with a toadstool head) this did not stop me wearing it with pride. As is the only way to wear a beret. Not so sure about Dione's hat here. Although we do give her snaps for her daring knitwear.

Not so much to say about this photo apart from the fact that it includes two of my most favourite things: fairisle and cameras. And Cher manages to make a headband look sophisticated, something that I (and indeed Blair Waldorf) have failed to do.

'You'll catch a chill in your kidneys' Granny Banks, 1993

S/S 2012 is all about the midriff. My current opinion on this mirrors Tai in this picture, rather than Cher. And I can't do sit ups as they hurt my back.

Dress for Danger.

All of our favourite heroins get mugged once in a while. And it appears that muggers have no respect for their victims wardrobe, what with Carrie's strappy Manolo sandals being held at gunpoint and Cher's 'totally important designer' dress ruined in the dirt. This outfit also includes a feather boa, something that none of the Dry Shampoo Diarist's will be reviving.

Chokers and Skull Caps.  

Crochet is a big thing this summer. White or multicoloured, it'll probably be clogging up the rails of Primark in a nice viscose-type material some time in late July. Read it and weep. Also here is an example of one of the many chokers which play a huge part in the Clueless wardrobe. GC and I have agreed they are definitely on the cards for a comeback.


Must remember to have all epiphanies in front of illuminated fountains in pastel, virginal outfits. It just makes for better photo opportunities.


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  1. The fountain scene from Clueless is a real fountain in Beverly Hills.
    It is amazing at night.

    George Vreeland Hill