Wednesday, 3 June 2015

ART & FASHION: The Launch of Maison Mais Non in Soho


Tonight saw the much anticipated launch of new gallery Maison Mais Non on Greek Street, Soho. Hailed as London's 'first fashion gallery' and run by Micheál Neeson (son of Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson), Topes Calland (who my date for the night assures me is THE tutor for celebrity offspring), Nell Campbell and fashion photographer Toby Knott, the launch was always guaranteed to be a pretty hot ticket.

Micheál Neeson and Liam Neeson at Maison Mais Non

Actors Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes, poet and it-girl Greta Bellamacina, property heiress India Rose James and model and presenter Rick Edwards were among the attendees, who took in both the fashion gallery and its sister venture The Soho Revue. 

Maison Mais Non

The debut show - named Artist:Artisan - cleverly brought together expert tailors from Saville Row and Central Saint Martins graduates to create and showcase collaborative designs which brilliantly blended the Row's tailoring brilliance with the off-the-wall genius of the fashion students. The show sees Charles Jeffrey, Hayley Grundmann, Krystyna Kozhoma and Masha Reva from CSM working with Saville Row tailors, Chittleborough & Morgan, Anderson & Sheppard, Richard Anderson and Kathryn Sargent.  Hung in a sparse yet dynamic way - think Ikea meets BDSM club - the works were allowed to demonstrate their full potential with little artifice or need for special effects. 

Seeing the camaraderie apparent between Micheál and Topes, as well as the fatherly pride emanating off Liam Neeson, it was clear that this project was far from just a glittery spectacle. If they continue to come at the fashion world with such an artful eye, I think Maison Mais Non might just be on to something. 

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