Thursday, 1 August 2013

Going Out: National Orgasm Day with LELO at Sh! Hoxton

So who knew? - July 31st is National Orgasm day, and I was invited along to attend a party thrown by luxury lifestyle brand LELO at Sh! Erotic Emporium in Hoxton to celebrate. Alongside fizz, strawberries and a whole load of vibrators, we listened to an orgasm masterclass by the founder of Sh! - Kathryn Hoyle, which was inspiring as much as exciting; Kathryn founded Sh! in 1992 to combat the idea of sex shops as sleazy, and to create a place where women could share sex stories whilst stocking up on their latest rabbit.

Central to the evening were the amazing LELO range- which I have only recently stumbled upon (as it were). LELO prides itself on hi-end luxe products, and being introduced to their Smart Wands, Luna Beads and Tiani 2 I couldn't help but feel that these guys are the Beyonce of sex toys. If you're just starting off in the world of rechargeable sex look no further than their MIA2, small, pretty yet helluva powerful, the MIA2 disguises itself as a lipstick and charges via USB: ideal for the woman on the go. After last night however, and hearing Kathryn's take on it all, I've got my eyes fixed on the INA2 - a dual action vibrator which offers G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Ummmmmm.

The evening certainly got us thinking about how much fun can be stylishly had 'in the bedroom'. The LELO girls explained about their remote-controlled range which adds a nice new dimension to foreplay, with your partner being put in control of any toys you might use. The Lyla2, Tiani2 and the Oden2 all come with LELO's sense motion remote control, so with the flick of the wrist pleasures can intensify or lighten.

At the end of the evening I left with an amazing goodie bag, which amazingly included a LELO 'Pleasure Set' - complete with Tiani, a feature tickler and silk blindfold. I'll let you know how that goes down...

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