Thursday, 24 October 2013

FASHION: Kate Moss: Roll 1

Anyone that knows me is well aware of my obsession with Kate Moss. As a 90s girl I've never grown out of the mindset that sees Kate Moss as the epitome of beauty; wide eyed, toothy and just a little bit grimey her look is both completely ethereal and yet somewhat in reach.

So working with David Ross, the photographer who shot Moss for her first ever professional photo shoot, age just 14, has been an exciting experience. The images - which go on show for the first time ever at the new Lawrence Alkin Gallery next week -  are fresh and exciting, showing the Moss Sarah Doukas scouted for the newly formed Storm agency. The show promises to be a far cry from her upcoming shoot with Playboy, which she recently confirmed for their 60th Anniversary issue.

It's hard to find a new angle on such a photographed face, but these images are set to cause some real excitement, especially on the eve of Ms Moss' 40th Birthday.  Opening to the public from 30th Oct - 3rd Nov this is a must see-exhibition for anyone with a passion for Kate Moss.

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