Friday, 31 January 2014

ART: Jessica Albarn: Drawings

My next project at work will be working with the artist Jessica Albarn - yes the one with the famous brother - and I can't wait to see what she's planning for her first solo show in a long time.

Having exhibited in Liberty's and Helmut Lang, Jessica has long been a darling of the fashion world. This is testament to the pure beauty which resonates in her works - but should not detract from the artistic skill she presents with.

The up-coming shows are likely to be held in Bristol as well as London, allowing Jessica to exhibit her work in unusual and intimate settings. The pieces will concentrate on delicate natural imagery and an over-arching theme of resurrection and re-birth.

Watch this space for more news on these unique events - and let me know what you think of her past works below.
Alison Goldfrapp - Jessica Albarn

Butterfly - Jessica Albarn

Bee - Jessica Albarn

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