Friday, 27 January 2012

FASHION: All That Glitters

If you had asked me for my christmas list last year you would have got the reply 'anything angora, or vintage with sequins.' Purely because I don't think anyone could have too much angora and also because it is my personal belief that gifted sequins are far superior to sequins you buy yourself. This glitter induced phrase had come from my hours trawling through Ebay searches of vintage+sequins - occasionally clawing a diamond from the rough and the rough being the strange, second hand underwear 'not of a sexual nature'.

As a result of my specific, yet inspired request, you would have found me on Christmas day bounding around in a black-beaded, sequin, low-back cami by Frank Usher and a sequin, gun-metal, waterfall Asos jacket. And pyjama bottoms but that's a given. 

Unfortunately my New Years this year was a 'lets-have-a-nice-chilled-out-evening-with-food-and-board-games' affair, which is all very well but not entirely sequin appropriate. So my vintage treasures are hanging on my bedroom wall, waiting for their time to shine, so to speak. 

With the thought of sequins a distant glimmer on the horizon, I have now set myself a challenge to introduce as much sparkle into my daytime spring wardrobe as possible. 
It appears that designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, have also had a change of heart, deciding it's time to turn the often nocturnal sequin creature into something which goes nicely with your morning coffee. Rhinestone KG espadrilles? Why certainly. Anyway, it seems fairly selfish of December not to lend some to January. Goodness knows January needs a bit of glitter.


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