Sunday, 22 January 2012

HAIR AND BEAUTY: Review: Batiste Dry Hair Shampoo

When I went to collect my 'leftovers' from a guy I'd been seeing recently there were 3 staples which had allowed the memory of me to haunt his room: wedge shoes, a body con dress and a can of Batiste dry shampoo. Surprisingly it was the fact that he'd remembered the last item which made the exchange so bittersweet; not only had it been bought for my first 'morning after' at his, but it showed that in the short time we'd been together, he'd kinda worked me out.

In dreaming up the title for this blog we wanted to find something that encapsulated what the DSD's were all about. Our champagne lifestyles (funded by lemonade salaries) are kinda messy and fast-paced; there are a few aluminium covered idols worshipped in our busy young female world: 'cocktails in a can','gin in a tin' and, last but certainly not least, Batiste dry shampoo.

Nothing beats Batiste for doing exactly what it says on the tin. After a quick spray your hair is refreshed - cleaner, bouncier and volumised - and at around only £3-4 for a standard size, what's not to like? Now whilst we all agree on Batiste dry shampoo as a must-have, each DSD has their ultimate favourite:

DW and AW are 'Tropical' girls - both being suckers for the summery coconut scent.

WM likes it XXL - with the spray not only washing your hair, but really pushing it to the max. She was so shocked by the results of her first XXL experience is was pretty much the first thing she told me about the next day!

Personally, after getting it from work as an Xmas present (which now is an office resident) my favourite is the newest scent: 'Wild'.

Go figure, of course, that the tag-line for this can is 'sassy and daring' and marks itself as the 'perfect partner for when your out on the prowl'; i.e. its pretty much my daily companion...

This week I also tried Batiste's 'light and blonde' spray which contains a slight colour so that darker roots are lifted. At the moment I'm kinda working a 'dip-dye lite' hairstyle so I'm not sure if it works for me, but with someone like CM, who is blessed with natural blonde locks, these cans will help hide your sins.

Batiste also comes in a range of different sizes. Of course size matters to the DSD's and although the travel cans might be handy, at only 50ml we find they rarely satisfy our needs. When dedicated to a dry shampoo lifestyle, you really can't beat the huge 400ml whoppers.

So here at Dry Shampoo Diaries, although our lifestyles might be a bit disposable- with dates, fashions and boyfriends that come and go- there is one relationship we can always rely on for a bit of a boost. And it all comes in an extra-large can.


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