Monday, 9 January 2012

DATING: The one with the BBMs, The Ex Ex and the Strip Club

In a vain attempt to make sure last week was not 'the week I got finished with over BBM' (yes casual SATC reference there) it somehow morphed into 'the week I almost ended up in a strip club with my ex ex/ love of my life'. After having a pretty dire week I decided I needed a trip to stay in my old flat in London. Finding that almost the entire constituents of my phonebook had mysteriously disappeared from the city that weekend, I was left with one number to beg for a drink and chat: my ex of 3 1/2 years.

Being male, the 'Ex ex' seemed pretty nonchalant about meeting up and invited me out with some of our old school-friends that night. We chatted about life and work and he seemed genuinely impressed with what  I was up to, telling me in return that he was not quite in the job he had hoped for. Then, what had meant to be 'a few casual drinks' - that mythical social ritual that rarely anyone makes it through - turned into a night of drinking with the lads. So perhaps I shouldn't have been too surprised where things ended up....

By about 1am the 'Ex ex' turned to me and announced: 'I want some t**s in my face'. Once upon a time this might have been a casual suggestion between two consenting adults, but in this instance it only meant one thing: trip to the strip club.

I dont know how many people have been in the position of being asked by their ex to visit a strip club - but if you ARE thinking of getting into that situation, my suggestion is maybe do. Seeing a guy who I'd once imagined was the most perfect man in my (very small) world, desperate for a cheap thrill, was strangely liberating. I like to think I'm pretty chilled about stuff, me and my friends tend to take the whole 'boyfriend looking at porn' thing as a totally acceptable given, but there's something about strip clubs I find seriously, well, lame.

Despite being smugly in long term relationships ever since we split it seems the 'Ex ex' certainly doesn't have it all, and his new girlfriend is more than welcome to him. Having said that, I will certainly be keeping him in mind as an accessory to necessary confidence boosters in the future: I'm free, single, in a great job, and I don't have to pay nuffin' to see t**s.

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