Monday, 24 June 2013

ART: Break Glass For a New Beginning - Magnus Gjoen

This is the last week you can catch Magnus Gjoen's striking show 'Break Glass for a New Beginning' at artrepublic Soho. Hailed as 'Exodus for Generation-X' the exhibition debuts original works produced and exhibited by Gjoen, from prints to sculptures and ceramics.

My interest was initially sparked in Gjoen due to his history working as a designer at Vivienne Westwood. It's nothing new to see the arts and fashion worlds collide, but there was something particularly delicious in noticing an ostensible touch of the Vivienne Westwood punk-sensibility in Gjoen's weirdly beautiful pieces. 

'Break Glass for New Beginning's twisted sense of humour makes the show a bit of a must see for art fanatics and cynics alike, so make sure you pop down to the New Compton gallery before this saturday and check it out; never has Genesis looked so f***ing trendy.


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