Saturday, 15 June 2013

MUSIC: Preview: Getting some Faith in VV Brown

I was lucky enough to catch a showcase of VV Brown's new album in Shoreditch a couple of months ago and I've been hooked to her new sound ever since. Though you can't deny the radio-appeal of her first album 'Travelling Like the Light' - which dropped singles 'Crying Blood' and the very successful 'Shark in the Water'- ultimately it just wasn't for me.

Following a few years hiatus (she's been starting her own clothes label and judging awards for the Observer, amongst other things...) Vanessa is back with a much darker, moodier and dirtier sound which showcases her kick-ass vocals perfectly. Brown has suggested her love for opera influenced this change in direction and the production, alongside her killer voice, certainly gives the album a theatrical feel - despite its generally stripped back sound. My absolute favourite so far is Faith - which has already been getting a lot of love on Twitter. Check it out below:

It's great to have such a talented british female singer back on the scene, alongside the recently reformed MKS (aka the original Sugababes), giving the US superstars some proper competition. Check her out now, before everyone gets involved...

Let me know what you think about VV's comeback in the comments section - and make your vote for the next single at Paco Rabanne here.


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